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Executive and personal protection has become invaluable as Global and Domestic adverse conditions can impact individuals as well as businesses. Deploy Solutions offers executive protection services in a variety of environments for corporate executives, dignitaries, high-net-worth individuals, and other prominent individuals.

We provide our clients with protection professionals from a broad range of backgrounds.  Deploy carefully selects the professional that is the best fit for the unique situation and client risk profile.  Deploy resources are trained and highly skilled in the areas of advance and logistics planning, threat assessment, crisis management, and emergency response. Deploy Solutions protection professionals maintain confidentiality and are discrete resources.

Each engagement, whether short term or long term, begins with careful evaluation of risk with advance work that examines routines and routes that present a unique risk.

The following services can be provided on a local or national basis.

Deploy Solutions Executive Protection


Dedicated, Prepared, Qualified

  1. Executive personal protection program to evaluate risk and needs. 
  2. 24 hour threat protection. 
  3. Situational Awareness training
  4. Rapid response for special events.
  5. Employee termination oversight and escort services.
  6. Travel security planning and logistics.
  7. Secure transportation of executives and business travelers