Deploy Solutions Security Services And Private investigations



Experienced, Discrete, Thorough

Deploy Solutions provides highly-skilled, experienced professional investigators.  Uncovering information that would otherwise have remained undetected can make the difference between a case won or lost.

Our Investigators collect, organize, and analyze evidence on behalf of our clients.   Our litigation support services include investigations of any type, including the following:

  1. Insurance Investigations: Suspected Fraud; Exaggerated Claims, Property & Casualty Claims; Commercial & Non-Commercial Claims; Business Related Loss; Residential Burglary; Property Loss; Vehicle Theft; Bodily Injury; and Fire Loss Claims.  Deploy Solutions sets a standard for excellence through exceptional documentation and videotape evidence.  Our investigators establish credibility through experience coupled with an outstanding delivered product.
  2. Asset Investigations: asset search and recovery operations for concealed and undisclosed assets to assist clients in successfully recovering assets that are lawfully theirs.  Asset searches associated with evaluation phase of legal strategy must be rapid, comprehensive, and cost effective. 
  3. Surveillance: photographs and videotape evidence is compelling to both Judges and Juries.  Deploy Solutions' trained professionals engage in survellance as individuals or on a team as appropriate to ensure a subject is unaware of the attention.  Using state-of-the-art photographic and/or video equipment, we deliver a true picture of a subject that is completely undetected until the evidence is presented. Based on the situation, our professional investigators provide digital evidence as well as personal testimony.
  4. Statements:  Elusive or uncooperative witnesses present a significant barrier to the discovery phase of an investigation.  Deploy Solutions is equipped to locate the party and obtain their statement.  Leveraging objectivity and a measure of people skils, Deploy Solutions investigators elicit truthful and accurate information that might otherwise have been withheld.  Our clients benefit from rapid engagement of investigators to limit the amount of elapsed time that can impact perceptions and memories of a given occurence.
  5. Undercover Detail: Deploy Solutions employs time and cost-effective methods to clearly identify those who steal, defraud, or conduct illegal activity on our client's premises during or after work hours.  Our investigators develop comprehensive undercover plans that might involve posing and a client, and employee, or competitor.  These operations give the best employees that opportunity to shine while revealing those that represent a great risk to the success of our clients.
  6. Electronic Eavesdropping Detection: "Bugs" are a surprising reality in our corporate world.  Deploy Solutions can perform and efficient "sweep" of private residences, offices, boardrooms, and other work areas.
  7. Tracking: If your vehicle has been tagged with a GPS tracking device, your personal privacy is compromised.  Deploy Solutions will use the latest scanning technology to locate the device(s).  In the event that an unauthorized tracking device is found, temporary decoy services are available to clients on a case by case basis.

We carefully evaluate the details of your case to determine the most effective ways to accomplish the goals of the investigation as rapidly and economically as possible.

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